Rainiar’s here
Other nick names I’m using: SNRainiar, SamuNatsu, 寒夏, 寒夏Rainair

I live in the Earth from Solar System

Usually use English for working, especially on programming
Ich kann ein bisschen Deutch sprechen
Я немного говорю по-русски

I love music, no specific genre, but all that I vibe with
I can play the violin, guitar and a littble bit piano
Musicians I recently listening to: サカナクション, 塞壬唱片MSR, 汪峰

I like drawing, although not very well

I like gaming and making games
Now a Dr. in Arknights , it is a good game with fascinating stories
Learning Unity3D & Godot

Love animes and comics


P2P Transfer

A P2P file transfer Web App

Live2D Widget Enhanced

Enhanced Live2D widget for web, based on live2d-widget

Stable Diffusion QR

A SD WebUI wrapper for generating AI beautified QR code


A Simple and Pure Theme for Typecho


Email: rainiar@foxmail.com

Twitter(X): @SNRainiar

Discord: @snrainiar

Bilibili: 寒夏Rainiar

Weibo: @寒夏Rainiar